Doppler Relocation, California

SUHAIL was the prime consultant for this project under a five year QVL with the Federal Aviation Administration.

The Federal Aviation Administration required the construction of a Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Radio Range (VOR) facility with Doppler at Stockton Metropolitan Airport. The project primarily consisted of the design of a pre-fab building foundation and a steel frame counterpoise footing.

The final design included a geotechnical investigation, the structural design of a steel counterpoise, and a site plan including grading, drainage, access road, entrance gate, and utilities. The final construction bid package consisted of plans and specifications which included lightning protection and grounding and security fencing in addition to the previously mentioned items. All drawings were compliant with the current UBC and Seismic requirements. All electrical design complied with FAA Stand 019e, 1217f, and NEC.