Hydroturbine Replacement, Rock Island Arsenal

SUHAIL was the prime consultant for this project under a 5 year IDIQ with the US Army Corps of Engineers.

This project was to replace and upgrade the turbines at Unit 9 and 10 at the RIA Hydroelectric Plant at Rock Island Arsenal. The scope required new turbine runners to be computer modeled, designed, manufactured, installed and performance tested. The project included improvements necessary to improve efficiency and reliability. The turbines drive a generator that is connected to the turbine shaft through a speed increasing gearbox. The new turbine runners needed to be modeled to provide power over the widest head range possible. This project was intended to increase use of renewable energy resources and helps meet the goals of the Army Energy Security Implementation Strategy, the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and EO 13423, Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy and Transportation Management. Suhail provided plans and specifications for a DB RFP for an experienced hydraulic turbine manufacturer to design, build and install the Hydropower Turbines and new turbine shafting systems.