Burke Lakefront Airport

Suhail provided based mapping services for this project. RW Armstrong was the prime consultant.

The objectives of this project were to correct the non-standard RSAs for Runway 6L/24R at BKL. The project includes the installation of an Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS) bed in the extended safety area of Runway 6L, a runway extension on 24R, a displacement of the Runway 6L threshold, new entrance taxiways, vehicle service road modifications, and NAVAID modifications/improvements. Scope of work included an Obstruction Survey, Airport Survey and Analysis for Runway 13/31 in accordance with runways with Vertical Guidance, and Runway 18/36 in accordance with runways without Vertical Guidance, Validate Runway end (displaced threshold) position and elevation against existing FAA/NGS data, Validate electronic and visual on airport NAVAIDS, Validate off airport NAVAIDS, Collect runway profiles, Validate Airport Elevation, Validate/Determine Airport Reference Point, then after runway construction validate plan data and submit actual values to FAA via AGIS Website