Water / Waste Water

Suhail is committed to the creation of credible and tangible environmental benefits for all vulnerable communities, promotion of renewable energy sources, and reduction of water consumption & waste generation. Water is at the core of all thriving communities. Our water management services are comprehensive and our expertise lies in integrated water planning and source water development; energy conservation; master planning, regulatory compliance and construction management; infrastructure design, pipeline rehabilitation, replacement and tunneling; and water quality management, treatment technologies and sustainable operation.

We manage waste as a resource, developing customized approaches to suit the unique needs of each individual client/community.   With our effective and interactive design direction and public outreach efforts, we guide our clients towards the optimal sustainable solution, always keeping in mind important factors such as safety, budget, time constraints and regulatory compliance.
Our Waste Program focuses on:

  • Solid Waste Management Facilities and Landfills;
  • Developing Energy and/or Viable Products from Waste;
  • Organic Waste Management
  • Planning & Program Development; and
  • HTRW Management & Environmental Restoration