Architecture today can be broadly categorized into two groups. One focuses predominantly on visual qualities and is based on the requirements of a single end user or client, like a private residence or a status symbol building. The other type focuses mainly on form and function and is subject to a lot of constraints like budget, a group of end users with varying needs, local building & zoning codes, architectural review boards, etc. These are simple yet functional buildings, and comprise more than 70 percent of construction in the United States today.

Suhail’s work culture encourages knowledge sharing and innovation, leveraging the aesthetic fervor of every expert to achieve our architectural vision of enriching our clients day-to-day   experiences by designing inspiring   spaces that stimulate the senses and resonate with the unique needs of the end users.

Our international experience gives us access to a knowledge base that reaches far beyond that of a typical architectural firm, ensuring that the finished project delivers on the established design objective. Our architecture augments the functioning of an organization by designing spaces that promote alignment of the human capital effort, together with the involved processes and technologies, with the organization’s vision and values.