Burke Lakefront Airport

The objectives of this project were to correct the non-standard RSAs for Runway 6L/24R at BKL. The project includes the installation of an Engineered Materials Arresting System (EMAS) bed in the extended safety area of Runway 6L, a runway extension on 24R, a displacement of the Runway 6L threshold, new entrance taxiways, vehicle service road modifications, and NAVAID modifications/improvements.

Scope of work included an Obstruction Survey, Airport Survey and Analysis for Runway 13/31 in accordance with runways with Vertical Guidance, and Runway 18/36 in accordance with runways without Vertical Guidance, Validate Runway end (displaced threshold) position and elevation against existing FAA/NGS data, Validate electronic and visual on airport NAVAIDS, Validate off airport NAVAIDS, Collect runway profiles, Validate Airport Elevation, Validate/Determine Airport Reference Point, then after runway construction validate plan data and submit actual values to FAA via AGIS Website

Route 83 Sanitary Trunk Sewer

A new 27 inch sanitary trunk sewer was designed in accordance with the City’s Master Sewer Plan, starting at the existing sewer on Mills Road and extending south for over one mile on State Route 83, and then extending west for over half a mile to Stoney Ridge Road. The existing Schneider Lift Station was abandoned as part of this project and existing lateral sewers were tied into the new trunk line. The project involved boring across Route 83, maintenance of traffic and extensive coordination with utility companies for several utility pole relocations.